What is The Pave Cave website about?
The Pave Cave© 2008 is a website for, and dedicated to, the community of MH-53 PAVE LOW maintainers and operators, as well as an informational site for visitors interested in learning about the helicopters, and the airmen who maintained and operated them. Since the MH-53 PAVE LOW helicopter has retired, we hope to serve in a historical aspect as well. The site provides historical documents, photographs, and videos showcasing our mighty Special Operations helicopter, and the community that loved her.

How is the site funded?
Originally started in September 2003, I (Vince DePeriso) used my personal funds to initiate the design and hosting of the site. Soon after, we had many folks that donated funds to help keep the site operating. As of November 2011, we obtained our own Virtual Private Server with Buzy Bee Hosting, LLC. Donated money will only be used to finance the actual site itself or software to help or enhance operation. Profits from sales of merchandise sold on the site goes directly to the owner, but may occasionally be used to help fund the site as well. All finances are tracked on the web site’s Financial Statement.

Can anyone suggest changes to the site?
Yes. I don’t claim to be a professional web designer and I will gladly take suggestions to make this site the best it can be.

Can I provide media for the site?
If anyone has pictures, videos, documents, etc. that they would like to see on The Pave Cave, please email them to “webmaster@pavelow.us”. When sending in pictures or videos, try to only send interesting items (i.e. there’s a million pics of a PAVE, but not all are picturesque).

My information is wrong/missing in the lineage. How do I get it fixed?
Send an email to “webmaster@pavelow.us” regarding your information and I will edit/post it as soon as possible. If it’s missing, you can add it using the form provided on the lineage page.

What happens to the items I submit and will they be seen on the website?
All media collected is stored on the server and backed up on a hard drive. Since I sometimes receive a lot of items, it takes time to go through them all. Each must be reviewed to ensure no unauthorized information is present, no copyright existes, and that it is in “good taste” prior to being published. Unless otherwise stated or requested, all media submitted becomes property of The Pave Cave and the PAVE LOW community. The Pave Cave reserves the right to allow media outlets, publishers, authors, etc. use of the media on a case by case basis.

I’d like to sign up for an account. How do I request one?
There are no “accounts” for anyone to sign up for as of this time.  We hope to have that option in the near future.

Vince A. DePersio

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. Bless The Children is looking for annual donations towards his memorial fund.

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