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For the MH-53 PAVE LOW Community


Developed in 2003, our goal is to help keep the MH-53J/M PAVE LOW community connected and informed. We provide a digital archive of our history, coordinate/communicate events, and assist our community and their family members as needed.

John Grove’s mother

By PaveFE | November 14, 2019

From Dave Freeman: Doris Eaton, John Grove’s mother, will be 100 yrs old on 22 January 2020!  She is hale and hearty, but winters with son Ed Grove when her water supply freezes over. I thought the pave friends of John would like to send her birthday wishes. Her winter address is: Doris Eaton C/O…

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Troy Compton Retirement

By PaveFE | October 27, 2019

Troy is retiring after more than 22 years of service as an Aerial Gunner on MH-53 PAVE LOWs and HH-60 PAVE HAWKs. Troy was stationed at Hurlburt Field 2001 to 2004 and then RAF Mildenhall 2005 to 2008.       Date: 31 Jan of 2020 Location: Las Vegas, NM (More details to follow)

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MH-53 PAVE LOW Tribute Video

Credit - Chris Curtis

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