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Order a 20th SOS Coin!

By PaveFE | June 8, 2019

Found a link to a site that sells the 20th SOS Challenge coin (Phoenix Challenge Coins).

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Message from Steve Kelly

By PaveFE | July 16, 2019

Hey Vince, I too was diagnosed with cancer – Oct ’08 – upon my return from Afghanistan. It was chondrosarcoma – bone cancer in my pelvis and hip – the Air Force recommended an amputation of my left leg and figured the cancer would kill me. I am lucky, I live in Salt Lake City and…

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John Grove Memorial

By PaveFE | July 20, 2019

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. Bless The Children is looking for annual donations towards his memorial fund.

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FL program puts Commandos back in uniform and on the streets as LEOs

By PaveFE | August 5, 2019

A Military Times article on career transition for SOF.

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Generous donation made in honor of Lee Collins

By PaveFE | August 6, 2019

A very generous donation was made today in honor of Lee Collins. The anniversary of Lee’s passing is approaching. He was killed in a airplane accident in St Charles Parish, LA.  Lee was a PAVE LOW Pilot (#249), all around great guy, always friendly and upbeat, and a great friend to many. The donation will…

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“When Seconds Count” by Jay Humphrey

By PaveFE | August 10, 2019

Jay Humphrey, PAVE LOW Pilot #371, and former Helicopter EMS pilot authored “When Seconds Count – Reports From an Emergency Medical Helicopter Pilot”.  I’ve personally read this book and highly recommend it! Jay did a fantastic job of not only putting the user in the cockpit of an everyday life of a HEMS pilot, but…

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