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For the MH-53 PAVE LOW Community


Developed in 2003, our goal is to help keep the MH-53J/M PAVE LOW community connected and informed. We provide a digital archive of our history, coordinate/communicate events, and assist our community and their family members as needed.

Returning the Favor – Rob Dinsmore!

By PaveFE | August 27, 2019

For anyone that doesn’t know, Mike Rowe (a great American) has a Facebook Watch Original series called “Returning the Favor”. The show is about his “search of remarkable people making a difference in their communities. Returning the Favor gives back to those who pay it forward with humor, heart and surprise.” Our very own Rob…

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“When Seconds Count” by Jay Humphrey

By PaveFE | August 10, 2019

Jay Humphrey, PAVE LOW Pilot #371, and former Helicopter EMS pilot authored “When Seconds Count – Reports From an Emergency Medical Helicopter Pilot”.  I’ve personally read this book and highly recommend it! Jay did a fantastic job of not only putting the user in the cockpit of an everyday life of a HEMS pilot, but…

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Credit - Chris Curtis

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